Top Cosmetic Dentistry Trends

Looking good slowly and steadily is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. Given the tough job and career situation out there, there is hardly any doubt that only those who are able to present themselves well will be able to make it big in their jobs and careers. When we talk about good looks there is hardly any doubt that our face and teeth have a big role to play. While many of us are endowed with sparkling white and shapely teeth and gums, there are many who may have some problems as far as their teeth, gum and jaw alignment are concerned. There could be other who might be suffering from yellow teeth, teeth which are discolored because of tobacco and alcohol. There could be others who could have decayed teeth and receding gum lines apart from sensitive teeth. There might be others who could be suffering from protruding teeth which could compromise looks and appearances. Hence today, there is growing demand for cosmetic changes to teeth and gums. Hence it would be interesting to have a closer look at latest cosmetic dentistry trends which could go a long way in correcting problems permanently.

Whitening Of Teeth

Whitening of teeth is perhaps the most common trend as far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned. There is hardly anyone of us who does not want white teeth. While some are born with sparkling white teeth there are others who could have teeth which are naturally yellow. Many suffer from discoloration of teeth because of bad habits such as alcohol and smoking. Therefore bleaching and other such whitening procedures are in demand amongst thousands of people.


Though a relatively new concept it is gaining in popularity quite rapidly. They are braces which are invisible and they play a big role in pushing back teeth and gums which are jutting out. They help a lot in overcoming irregular formation and alignment of teeth without taking recourse to surgery. The best thing is that when somebody has chosen invisalign, it would be almost impossible to find out whether he or she is using any type of brace. Hence this is now becoming a latest craze and trend mostly amongst teenagers. Many middle aged men and women are also beginning to use it quite regularly.

3D Printing Is Also Catching Up Fast

There are many customers who are finding 3D printing technology as a useful tool for correcting various problems and conditions associated with teeth and gums. Though it is still in its nascent stage it might not be long before one starts seeing 3D printers in the offices of dentists. With this technology it would be possible to print the image of a tooth perfectly and that too within a few minutes. it can help a lot in replicating artificial teeth quite fast and errors and mistakes associated with other conventional methods can be ruled out. It could also help in giving a new direction as far as placement of bridges, crowns and other orthodontic appliances are concerned. Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that new and advanced techniques pertaining to cosmetic dentistry are becoming highly popular.