All About Diabetes and Dental Health


Diabetes, with its life threatening complications, is among the fastest growing diseases that afflict many nations all over today. Diabetics are always at risk of irreversible complications, hence the need for regular and proper oral care. Diabetes and oral well being are interrelated, a reality that not many people may know of. The risk of gum disease in diabetic individuals who are unable to manage their blood sugar is high.

Your teeth and gums can say a lot about how you live your personal life and believe it or not; a dentist can learn what you may have before a doctor just by looking at your dental hygiene. Sometimes your dental hygiene can indicate serious issues that may be occurring as well as health choices that should be improved to better your health both mentally and non-dentally. You should always check in with your physician or doctor if you find the indication of health issues but if they are related to your dental hygiene. Dentists can assist solve the challenge simply by washing the teeth, removing abscess teeth, then give you with all those required to assist you to recover your dental health.

A common occurrence for dentists is finding out someone has diabetes. This can happen by a dentist seeing changes in your mouth as well as finding indications of a patient suffering periodontal disease, having bad breath (which can hold a smell similar to fingernail polish remover) or finding sores on the corner of the patients lips which do not heal well. Patients who have defectively checked diabetes are mostly seen to have a periodontal disease in comparison to those without poorly controlled diabetes. You should always manage diabetes as best as possible and if you are not able to do so; consult your doctor for help in doing so.

Usually, when a dentist finds indications of any health issues like diabetes, they will contact a local doctor designated to treat it. The doctor will contact the patient about getting proper treatment, getting tests done to help better understand where they are in their health, and providing the patient with more information on how to keep their diabetes under control. Diabetes can also be detected through the color and pigmentation of the gums of an individual. A dentist, however, cannot tell you which type of diabetes you may have so sought a doctor is recommended because they will help provide you with the most effective treatments and be able to inform you about other dangers that may pose the risk to your health as well.

Another way for detecting diabetes in dental hygiene is if a patient is suffering from redness, swelling, and bleeding of gums of an individual. A blood test is then requested so that a doctor can see if diabetes may be to blame. Though diabetes is commonly found, sometimes it can be more severe or indicated other health issues such as redness of the lining of gums could indicate that a patient is anemic. In this case, your diet may need to be changed to improve your outcome.